Who we are?

Brilliance (Suzhou) Safety Apparel Company Ltd. is a professional manufacturer / supplier / exporter of personal protective apparel and outdoor wear in mainland China.
The company started in the clothing business in 2005. Currently Brilliance Safe has 1 middle-size factory, with a production area covering about 15,000 square metres and 150 staff. Brilliance also has 2 cooperating manufactories which are under the charge of Brilliance’s QA department.
At the beginning, Brilliance only produced hi-vis garments and overalls to the Scandinavian market, but now the range includes motorcycle jackets, equestrian wear, hunting jackets, airbag vests, heated jackets, sports knits, etc.
More than 10 years experience makes Brilliance an expert in the garments industry. Everything has been changing,but our belief and missions are stable. Top quality products and highly efficient service will never change; we are committed to putting our clients’ interests first and foremost. We view our engagements with clients as long-term relations rather than one-off projects.

Why choose us?
  1. Highly Efficient Communications: learn all details of client’s requests, client’s mail in 12 hours; provide solutions in 48 hours.
  2. Top Quality:  We work not for clients, but for the Lord.  We take care of every step and all materials; we collect every problem and error to teach the staff to avoid such problems happening again.
  3. Process Transparency: Brilliance likes to let the clients know every step of the order process. Even if accidents happen, we will inform the client, and will advise our solutions as well as the reasons.
  4. Intellectual Property Protection:  Brilliance is a responsible company, we respect all clients patents, brands, designs, and other intellectual property. We keep all the confidential information responsibly for clients no matter if the clients have a confidence agreement with us or not.
  5. More Than a Producer:  Besides being an excellent OEM supplier, Brilliance is involved more and more into the clients' products designs and marketing work. As a producer, we advise the clients if the designs can be workable, and any new material or methods that can improve the current quality.

COC by Disney:

As a responsible company, Brilliance comply with applicable laws within the country of business, international standards, and trade regulations, labor laws etc. Brilliance has passed the audit of Code Of Conduct by Disney.

Our Missions:
  1. Produce high quality products to clients' specifications.
  2. Teaching staff and suppliers they should be serious to do the work.
  3. To be a corporate witness glorifying God.